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Ever Wondered The Meaning of the Word Clown?

The Kids Party Clown is one of the most beloved entertainers that kids love as it has a way to make the event to be very much special. With that in mind, it is important to know everything about clown parties for kids, the services offered, clown types, and what you need to look for before hiring a clown.

The History of Clowns
When it comes to the entertainment industry, funny characters are not something new. Since time immemorial, comedians, clowns, and entertainers have been used during parties and other functions. When clowns were first recorded in 1560, it had a negative meaning.
Clown initially referred to something between a fool and a peasant, having a meaning of someone who lacks manners. Someone who doesn’t have a sense of dress code doesn’t speak properly and act in a civilized manner.
From here, the clown characters evolved to a figure that was very much exaggerated. Later on, it was associated with the circus. The main point of references in circuses was associated with the hilarious and popular acts of the clowns including acts such as pantomime, lots of tipping and falling, balls of various sizes, and one one-wheel bicycle.
The clown form slowly evolved over the years and later on, it became established to the ones which are currently well known. Until recently, the long shoes, the round red nose, the colorful baggy clothing, white makeup, and a mouth painted red was a must for any clown.
The clown character had grown to a much bigger, and better one, to the extent that, its funny appearance and tricks would be visible and make those in attendance to laugh. Even those who were far in the audience would just be amused by the funny appearance of the clown.

February 23, 2019