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Jeffrey Lichtman, a lawyer for Chapo Guzmán

Everybody knows who’s Joaquín”El Chapo” Guzmán and why he is the protagonist of this so-called trial of the century. That is because it is presumed to have been the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, which is considered the largest in Mexico, and so, accounts for drug trafficking to other lands and in addition to this, additional criminal acts, such as murders.

For over 20 years Guzmán stayed in control of the company and has been captured on many occasions by the police forces of the native state, Mexico. Nonetheless, in complicity with influential characters, the Chapo managed to escape from the centres where he was being held. In fact, his final escape was completed successfully despite being a maximum security prison.

By the end of 2018, the above trial began, which would be led by Judge Brian Cogan While the defense of Joaquín Guzmán are in the hands of Jeffrey Lichtman. In that sense, the lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman controvery caused in his initial speech, since without waiting further announced that his suspect was innocent of the charges against him, because the Chapo was among those subordinates of the genuine pioneer of the cartel, another drug trafficker Ismael Zambada, who currently enjoys freedom because he sends large amounts of money to police officers, such as the current and past president of Mexico.The judge responded by warning Jeffrey Lichtman Lawyer that his arguments are misleading and improper. So I would recommend the jury to concentrate only on the evidence. To learn more, see

February 6, 2019