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Play for free in the only game that gives you free gems on episode

For those who have the desire to get involved in the plot of the game and be part of the whole story, a new entertainment design has arrived in which they can get involved and create their own adventure.
Here they will be given precise indications of how to get free gems in episode so that they live the experience of starring in the game and recreating situations they always dreamed of. You only have to have a device that works with iOS technology and also Android.

To start having fun, the only requirement you must take into account is to get free gems on episode. If you master this point, you can spend a lot of time in the story and you do not want to finish.
This game can be developed without having to invest any money, but if you prefer, there is the possibility of buying gems and passes. To know how to get free passes in episode, you should follow the advice we will give you.
The gems allow you to obtain a series of benefits that will make your game incredible. For this reason, you should try to get the most of them, to ensure the success of the game.
Although the system provides them daily, if they run out, you can request more gems if you get the keys of players who participate in the action. You do this by visiting the private forum that is offered on the page.
The advantage is that you do not have a lot of waiting time and you can continue configuring your adventure immediately. The other way to get gems is, taking the time to wait for them to fill.
This option does not work if you are impatient, but it avoids the risks of hacking and represents a very simple exit to obtain gems. The other currencies you can get are the passes, which you can buy without any problem.
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April 16, 2019