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We hope that our store specialized in device repair will bring you some of our passion for electronics repair

Are you looking for a good service to repair your phone or another device? You have come to the right place! We regularly perform a large number of portable device repairs. Our work is not only a way to earn money but above all a passion for electronic repair.

Every day, we assume new challenges to improve our skills and gain experience, allowing us to offer the highest quality services in the field of cell phone diagnostics and phone-parts service. We give a wide range of excellent services to carry out repair work or to solve computer problems.

We would like our computer repair store not only to be a place where you request a specific repair, but also to have advice in the field of cell phone repair software, as well as to dedicate time and know the secrets of the operation of a mobile phone, computer or tablet, so you can see how important it is. You can be sure that the equipment that comes out of our electronic repair shop is fully prepared to operate 100%.

We are convinced that the variety and quality of our services combined with a reasonable price and a pleasant atmosphere will make you return every time you make a repair in our (computer repair store). We would like to emphasize at the same time that the repairs are made only in parts of cell phones and parts of high-quality phones and we guarantee them.

The best repair is done by us since we find solutions for your problems. Our company takes care of people and their devices. This is the reason why our customers come to us from neighboring cities.

Our routine task is to repair the screen of smart devices and computers that do not start.

For us, the repair is not just about finding a fault and solving it, it is about high-quality pieces that are durable. We guarantee that each piece used for the repair is new and of the highest quality. To get more information about our services and speak with our expert about what is wrong with your device, you can contact us by email or call us for quick help.

April 19, 2019