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About Z. Deschanel

Website Name: Z. Deschanel
Established: November 30, 2005
Owner: Tran
Domains:, and
Host: Elite Fan Network

Z. Deschanel was established by Tran in late November of 2005 and was then the third fan site dedicated to Zooey Deschanel – the other two fan sites were The Nature of Zooey and Zooey Info. Both Zooey fansites were fairly inactive and so therefore Z. Deschanel strived to be the best for its online visitors.

Originally the fansite was located at and was hosted by Khaleel of Ifan. Unfortunately, due to some hosting conflicts Z. Deschanel left the Ifan network and moved to, which was purchased with the help of Jenah from LBN Hosting, and the site was hosted by Fan Function.

During the time of being hosted by Fan Function, the network was unexpectedly shut down due to a hosting scam by the server providers, so Z. Deschanel had to restart again. When all hosting business was settled, Z. Deschanel grew over the months and reached it’s first birthday and now continues to grow on its fourth year since being opened.

Despite the many Zooey fan sites that opened during 2006 and 2007, Z. Deschanel remains opened serving it’s visitors. And now 2010, Z. Deschanel is refurnished and can be accessed through many URLs:,, and!