Holiday Nail Art Looks

Is there a better way of getting into the holiday spirit than decorating your home and Christmas tree? Well, we believe that you deserve to get a unique holiday nail art that will make you feel great. It can be one of the gifts that you give to yourself, and that can improve your looks as well as your mood. Also, you will be ready to shine on every party or event that you get invited to. Because small details matter! Here are some of the ideas that will help you have the best nails this season:

Sparkly nail tips 

It is the perfect time of the year to do that sparkly manicure that you’ve been secretly wanting for months. We suggest you choose elegant colours such as dark violet or burgundy. But if you think that is too much or you are not sure whether it will go well with your outfit, you can always choose more neutral colours. You can do a simple nude manicure, but don’t forget to add silver or gold glitter on the tips. It is a game-changer, and it will get you into the party mood.

You can’t go wrong with red nails

The classic red manicure will never go out of fashion. Especially during this time of the year, because it can make every outfit more elegant and stylish. Also, the red colour is a symbol of many beautiful things, such as love, passion and wealth. Is there a better colour to start New Year with? We don’t think so. There are many shades of red you can choose from scarlet and cherry to ruby red. Just  Choose your favourite tone! One extra tip: Short nails will look more extended if you paint them with darker colours, so wine red might be the perfect choice for you if you wish to have that visual effect.

Combination of glitter and regular nail polish 

There is no reason to give up on holiday manicure, even if you find the full set of glitter nails too much. You can do glitter on two nails and paint the rest in your favourite colour. You can try ideas such as green nails in combination with golden glitter. Or maybe beige nails that go well both with golden and silver glitter.

Christmas details and drawings 

Although drawing Santa Clause on every nail might be too much, small Christmas details can be charming. We suggest a combination of beautiful snowflakes and melted snow, and it fits perfectly with light blue nails. If you want something different, we recommend a combination of red nails and white drawings. Red is a perfect background that will make your Christmas details stand out.

Chessboard nails

One of the most popular styles for this holiday season will be chessboard nails. Practically, you have to choose two colours and design a chessboard pattern on your nails. Black and white may be too much of a contrast, so we suggest combining black with beige tones instead. It is a perfect manicure for girls who are bored with the same old manicures and ready to try something completely new! We guarantee that you will get a lot of compliments if you choose this manicure.

Infinity stones 

If you want to look glamorous and stylish, opt for infinity stones as a decoration for your nails. We suggest you choose a neutral colour as a base and then add faux infinity stones in your favourite colour. They come in six colours: red, purple, yellow, blue, green and orange. You can make beautiful combinations if you choose red and yellow or green and orange. Your nails will be noticed, and they will take your outfit on the next level.

The holiday season is the perfect time to experiment with your nails! We hope that you will find our suggestions useful, but you can also create your combinations. That might be the best idea if you want to express your creativity and have a unique manicure. However, our thoughts are here to remind you that you don’t have to settle with the same manicure every month, especially during winter months. Your nails have the power to transform your looks completely, and you should use that opportunity wisely!

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