Laser skin tightening treatment -A complete guide

Let us start with the explanation of the skin lightening. Why is there a need for it? After all? The answer is quite simple. “Everybody deserves to look and feel beautiful, that too, at any age.’ Our bodies are designed to change with time. Some people get fat; some get thin. While with the face, there a whole series of changes that take place. Aging signs appear on the facing before they appear on the body. Consider a simple example of this; suppose you did not sleep yesterday. You stayed up with your friends watching movies all night. What happens the next day? You see your body; it looks just fine. Then you see your face, you see dark circles, dull skin, pale eyes, and many other signs which reflect the restlessness. This is how sensitive, and prone a human face is to the micro-est of the changes. When we speak about aging, even after practising a multitude of facial massages and anti-aging creams, one can’t stop the aging signs. Fine lines, wrinkles, skin crepey-ing and many others. Most of the people opt to choose painful, under-the-knife options while not realizing that there are several non-surgical options available. One of the best examples of these non-surgical treatments is “Laser Treatments.” If you are tired of your wrinkles and wish to revisit youth, this article is just for you. 

What is laser skin tightening? 

The name of the treatment involves the word ‘laser.’ so we understand why you feel a little scared. The procedure. on the other hand, requires everything but a laser. According to Or. Marnie Nussbaum. A New York-based well-known dermatologist, a laser skin treatment is merely using the heating methods to tighten the skin. It is accompanied by adequately filtered infrared light rays which help the loosened muscles get tightened. This process leaves the skin tight, and all your wrinkles vanish in a matter of minutes. 

Methods of skin tightening 

When you surf the intemet, you will find hundreds of names which would be claiming that they provide the best skin tightening services. Some brand names would also promise that they are using unique technologies and distinct methods; nonetheless, there are only three major types of laser skin tightening techniques. All of the brands, serving in the area of laser skin treatments. would fall under this umbrella of the below-listed methods; 

I- Ultrasound or Ulthera 

Ultrasound treatments are most effective for the ones who are seeking to get heavy lifts. The ultrasonic rays are used to heat the skin at an unusual depth. This results in the uplifting and tightening of the muscles that rest beneath the skin. 


In this process, the professional would use ultrasonic technology to ensure that you are getting the exact lift as you wished. It usually takes 45 to 90 minutes. You might have to have another session of this treatment depending on the elasticity of your muscles. The results are visible in nearly three months. This method is considered to be the most effective. 

Costs and recovery time 

The cost of this treatment depends on the area of your body. It usually starts from $500 to $6000. There is no recovery time; however, the results of this treatment are visible within or after three months. 

2- Radiofrequency or Therm-i 

Radiofrequency uses a small device that heats the skin to tighten the skin muscles. With radiofrequency, the person feels little to no heat effect. The feedback of the radiofrequency is that the people say that it feels like a hot stone massage. 


Radiofrequency uses infrared light rays which are filtered at a specific frequency. These rays are targeted towards the skin. It triggers collagen production. It is a gradual process that can take up to an hour for completion. You will require two to six sessions which would be settled with a ten days break. 

Costs and recovery time 

The prices of this laser skin tightening treatment also depend upon the area of your body. It usually starts at $600 and ranges up to $1000. There is no recovery time, and the results get apparent in a matter of days. 

3- Radiofrequency micro-needling 

It is not like conventional micro-needling. It involves the use of a machined stamper which is motorized with 37 gold plated needles. These needles create microscopic holes so that the radiofrequency can help your skin 


The micro-needling radiofrequency method involves a series of tiny gold-plated needles that create small holes on your skin epidermis. This lets the radiofrequency enter through your epidermis. Thus, heating your muscles. As a result, your muscle contracts and the skin tighten up. It usually takes three to four sessions. Each session is held four to six weeks apart 

Costs and recovery time 

It starts at $600 and can go as high as $1000. depending on the area of your body. There is no recovery time, but professionals advise that the patient should not wear makeup for at least 24 hours. 

Benefits of laser skin tightening treatment 

Laser treatments are considered as cosmetic treatments for the skin. They have gained popularity over time. And the laser is used to cure many things in addition to the skin. The laser is used to cure eyes, lips, surgeries, and even teeth. For the wrinkled skin, laser treatment is one of the best solutions that will cause you no damage at all. Let’s discuss the primary benefits of this treatment 

1. When opting for laser treatment, you do not need any downtime, as there are no Band-Aids. 

2. There are no possibilities of surgical infections as it does not have any side effects. 

3. You can see the results very soon as compared to surgeries that take time to heal. 

4. It can be used for all parts of the body. 

5. It would not scar the area. Additionally, the results of laser skin tightening are known to get improved with time. 

Conclusion and recommendations 

Laser skin tightening treatment is an effective solution for anyone who wishes to have healthy and younger-looking skin. This process does not involve any dangerous techniques. Some people often confuse it with plastic surgery. Well. I would not touch that aspect, but skin tightening is NOT plastic surgery. Talking about laser skin tightening, this method is far safer than face-lifting and tummy tucking. This does not involve skin-pulling at any stage. All this said and done; it is still recommended to have a detailed conversation with your skin doctor before making any decision. 

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